Q - Are your products washable in warm water? 
A - All of our homemade items are washable in warm water and anything that might shrink has been preshrunk. Bleach is not recommended.

Q - Are your products made with organic fabrics?
A - If we have any organic materials used in our products, we will include that information in the individual description.

Q - Do you have any other options on designs or fonts if I'm trying to match a particular room decor?
A - For a fee, we have the capability of doing other designs and fonts, but it will take longer to complete the order. Contact us with your particular request and we will let you know if we can meet your need.

Q - Where are your products made?
A - Our Bedtime Buddies, Flannel Receiving Blankets and Strap Covers are all made by us in Texas. The other products that we sell come from a supplier in Texas.

Q - Are your products safe for newborns?
A - Most definitely! They are made with those little ones in mind.

Q - My child has sensitive skin. What is your return policy if one of your products causes skin issues with my baby?
A - It is always advisable that you prewash any item you purchase in the soap your baby is accustomed to. If you are still experiencing difficulties after laundering and the item is not personalized, we would be willing to trade that item out for another one.

Q - Do you have other color options available than are shown on each item?
A - As we incorporate more color options, we will update the site to include them. If you have a particular color you want that we don't offer, contact us and we will check on the availability of that fabric for future possibilities.

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