Jesse Tree Ornaments Jesse Tree Ornaments

Each handmade Jesse Tree ornament measures 3.5 inches across.  These beautiful, heirloom quality ornaments are perfect for people of all ages.  The high quality fabrics and threads are beautiful for any home, yet their durability will withstand the test of time when little hands are helping. Each ornament represents a part of God's redemptive story that began before Creation. If you have a story that is not included here that you use in your Jesse Tree, let me know and I will see if I can create an ornament that will suit your needs and be helpful to others as well.

Special pricing is available on sets of 25 or 30. Choose the ornaments you want in your set and list them in the box provided. Be specific and make sure the numbers/names match the ornaments you want. The set pricing can be found on page 3 at the bottom. Click on the "more info" below the add to cart button and it will allow you to type in the ornament numbers/names you have chosen.  Free shipping on orders over $125 does not apply to sets of ornaments, but will still be available on orders of individual ornaments.

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35. Jesse Tree Wall35. Jesse Tree Wall
36. Jesse Tree Scroll36. Jesse Tree Scroll
37. Jesse Tree Elizabeth & Zechariah37. Jesse Tree Elizabeth & Zechariah
38. Jesse Tree Lily38. Jesse Tree Lily
39. Jesse Tree Shell39. Jesse Tree Shell
40. Jesse Tree Heart40. Jesse Tree Heart
41. Jesse Tree Angel41. Jesse Tree Angel
42. Jesse Tree Sandals42. Jesse Tree Sandals
43. Jesse Tree Tools43. Jesse Tree Tools
44. Jesse Tree Manger44. Jesse Tree Manger
45. Jesse Tree Star45. Jesse Tree Star
46. Jesse Tree Candle46. Jesse Tree Candle
47. Jesse Tree Chi-Rho47. Jesse Tree Chi-Rho
48. Jesse Tree Cross48. Jesse Tree Cross
Jesse Tree Ornament Set of 25
Jesse Tree Ornament Set of 30
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